Students Frequently Asked Questions


RHUL Studentpad is Royal Holloway Student Union’s house finding platform. Landlords and estate agents can advertise their properties through the RHUL Studentpad website and you can contact them directly. We are not an estate agent or a landlord – we don’t handle any of the contracts or management of the properties. We have high standards that all landlords and estate agents have to meet to advertise a property with us, so you can be sure that the houses you see on our site are legitimate. If you have any questions about finding a property through RHUL Studentpad, looking to arrange a viewing, or experiencing any issues with your current let, have a read of our frequently asked questions to see if we can help.

I want to leave my room in private student halls, how do I find someone to take over my contract?

Firstly, check with your accommodation provider to make sure they’re OK with you transferring your contract to someone else. If they’re happy with this, you can advertise your room on the RHUL Studentpad Message Board.

How will I know if someone has responded to my post on the Message Board?

When you post a message to our Message Board, you’ll be asked to provide your email address. When you receive a reply, you’ll get an email to let you know.

I’ve seen a property I’m interested in, how do I arrange a viewing?

The landlord or estate agent responsible for the property will have their contact details in the advert. Please call them and ask to view the property.

I’m having a problem with my landlord/estate agent, what should I do?

If you’re unhappy with the service provided by your landlord or estate agent, please contact the SU Advice Centre at They operate independently to RHUL Studentpad, so you’ll get impartial advice and support with your query.

I’m looking for temporary or short term accommodation, where do I look?

While we do not typically advertise this type of property on the RHUL Studentpad website, it is worth checking the Message Board for students looking for people to take over the remainder of their contracts. Likewise, this can also be found through students posting on the RHUL Studentpad Facebook page.

I haven’t got any housemates for next year, what should I do?

You can post on the RHUL Studentpad Message Board to see if anyone is looking for a new housemate. There are also Facebook groups and pages you can post to. If you’d prefer to just find a room and don’t mind who your housemates are, you can look for properties on RHUL Studentpad where individuals can apply – the landlord will let a room to you, and take responsibility for letting the other rooms in the house.

I have enquired to a landlord directly about a property but haven’t received a response from them?

Try contacting them again, if they aren’t replying to emails try ringing them directly (if a phone number is provided). If this is unsuccessful contact the RHUL Studentpad Team as we can try and establish contact and check if there is an issue with the system or if the incorrect contact details have been provided.