Landlords Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to RHUL Studentpad , Royal Holloway's house finding platform. We offer the ability to advertise your property directly to over 10,000 students at Royal Holloway through an organisation that they trust. If you need any help with using our online platform, or have questions about your adverts, have a read of our frequently asked questions to see if we can help.

Why hasn’t my advert been approved yet?

There could be a number of reasons why your property has not yet been approved. Most commonly it is because certificates such as gas, electricity and EPC have either expired, been wrongly uploaded or not uploaded at all. Please double check all documents are in order and all other fields have been correctly inputted. Please do not hesitate to contact the RHUL Studentpad team for more details.

My property was rejected, what do I do?

The reasons for the rejection should be provided in the notification you receive about this, a member of the RHUL Studentpad Team will have outlined the reasons for the rejection. Once you have made the necessary changes to your property details, you can resubmit your property for approval and one of our team will check it over as quickly as possible. If you think your property was wrongly rejected, please contact the RHUL Studentpad Team and we will review the property again.

I haven’t uploaded the certificates for my property, can I do this at a later date and have the property approved without them?

We can only approve properties that have valid certificates attached, as the system will not display properties on the website that have expired or missing certificates. 

How can I pay my fees in order for my advert to go live?

In order to be able to pay the advert fees a member of the RHUL Studentpad team will have to approve your property first. Once your property has been approved on the left hand side of your screen, on the RHUL Studentpad dashboard, the ‘fees’ box will show you your outstanding orders, click on this and follow the instructions from there.

My advert was live but has now been taken off of the RHUL Studentpad website, what do I do?

The most common reason for this is because legal certificates have expired (gas, electricity, EPC) if your legal documents expire whilst your property is live on the website the system will automatically remove the property from the website. If this is the case simply update the documents, upload the new certificates and we can make your advert live again. However please do not hesitate to contact the RHUL Studentpad team if you have any further concerns.

If I disable my advert before it expires, can I carry over my remaining months to a new advert?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to extend an advert beyond the six month period they run. If you disable the advert before the six months have elapsed and wish to put it back on the site, we can do this if it is still before the date the advert has been set to run to. If it is after this date, you will need to create a new advert.

How can I ensure that my property is rented?

Although we cannot guarantee that if you advertise on our website it will definitely be rented out we do have some tips to ensure you give your property the best possible chance to. Firstly ensure that your advert contains lots of photos of the property (curb side, inside the house including all bedrooms, bathrooms and communal spaces) the more the potential tenant can see the more interest they will have.

We also recommend having a detailed description of the property. This means we recommend it contains the travelling distance to the uni, shops and the station etc. The description is your way to sell the house for all that it is, advertise if it’s newly refurbished and the contents provided within each of the rooms. The more information you provide the less questions the potential tenant will have, making the process less daunting for them as potential first time renters.